Sendai Wagyu Beef - Chuck Eye Roll

Sendai Wagyu Beef - Chuck Eye Roll

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_ Marble: A5

_ Sendai cow

_ From: Japan

Supply of Sendai Japanese beef - A5 standard beef in HCM

Beef is a nutritious food. However, not all cows have the same quality. Among the high quality beef, Japanese Sendai beef is very popular. This is one of the most expensive products, famous in cherry blossoms. Currently, this high quality cow is being offered genuine and fresh at our Wagyu Shop!

About Sendai Japanese beef

Japanese Sendai beef is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. This is a premium cow with very rare quantity, A5 standard in Japan. This type of cow is not only attractive because of its high nutrient content, excellent quality but also thanks to its fresh, soft and attractive appearance.

Sendai Japanese beef

Sendai Japanese beef has a high nutritional content, very good for human health such as protein, zinc, iron, vitamins B5, B12, minerals, ... So the energy that this beef brings great , even twice as much as other meat animals.

Especially in the above nutrients, iron and linoleic acid play a big role. Very iron-rich meat should improve anemia. Moreover, linoleic acid is known for its ability to resist many diseases, including cancer.

In addition, Sendai Japanese beef has an attractive appearance. This is also the highlight of the premium Wagyu types. A special feature is the white fat of the meat. This fat is interspersed between layers of bright red meat, giving the sparkling flesh a very attractive look.


If you want to enjoy genuine Japanese Sendai beef, please come to our Wagyu Shop!

Because this is a rare, expensive beef, there is not much supply of Japanese beef in Ho Chi Minh City. However, we know there are many customers who want to enjoy this cow. Wanting to meet the needs of gourmets, Wagyu Shop will be a prestigious address, bringing Japanese Sendai beef closer to customers.

To bring satisfaction to customers, Wagyu Shop always provides top quality and prestigious meat. From there, customers will choose the best fresh meat pieces. The meat we provide is of clear origin. Cows are raised according to the standard process, the slaughter process is hygienic, so it ensures the delicious taste and abundant nutritional ingredients.

sendai beef

Moreover, thanks to the advanced cooling mode, we always keep the natural, rich flavor like meat in Japan market. Come to Wagyu Shop, we will enthusiastically advise you to choose the best meat as well as how to prepare meat dishes to keep the most delicious taste.

Wagyu Shop is committed to providing one of Sendai Japanese beef - A5 Standard Beef in Ho Chi Minh City. Do not hesitate anymore but do not contact the address of prestigious Wagyu Shop beef, we will enthusiastically welcome you and help you choose the best quality meat.


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