Japanese Wagyu Beef - Striploin

Japanese Wagyu Beef - Striploin

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_ From: Fapan

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Grilled Wagyu Beef

Tender marbled cuts of beef, such as ribs, cutlets, slices of fillet, rib-eye, porterhouse, strip loin and sirloin, are excellent on the barbecue. These cuts should be quickly seared to protect their juices and to keep them tender. Tenderized or marinated cuts are best cooked in the oven.

If there is fat around the steak, score the fat before cooking to prevent the steak from curling on the barbecue.
Heat oven to medium, 180°C (350°F), or pre-heat the barbecue.

Turn meat with tongs once halfway through cooking to avoid piercing the meat and losing the juices.
Basting is recommended when barbecuing the following cuts: eye of round, outside round, sirloin tip, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, blade, cross ribs, flank, flank steak and top blade.
Season with pepper and garlic, if desired, but only after you have seared the beef on both sides. Otherwise the seasonings will burn and turn bitter, masking the taste of the beef.

Thread alternate cubes of beef and vegetables onto skewers.
Make sure the vegetables are cut to the same size as the beef cubes.
Leave a little space between each piece to ensure even cooking.
Grill each skewer for about 5 minutes.

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